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Yea, i’m really going to promote your book. Right after I Pray for the Cure

I got this email today: Della Bercovitch sent you a message on As part of the services we offer through Book Marketing Services, we are always looking for popular blogs such as yours where we may book author-clients for their virtual book blog tours. Ideally, we’d love to create an ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationship whereby … Continue reading

my cancer


I started chemotherapy on Friday in West St. Louis. The drill was the same with labs before the infusion. I’d been off of chemotherapy since last July, when the Gemzar my med onco kept insisting on giving me sent me to the hospital for blood transfusions and Lasix. It’s why I finally started seeing my … Continue reading

my cancer

What they don’t tell you

Nancy, who writes an amazing blog Nancy’s Point titled a recent post “When Doctors Seem Dismissive,” while Dr. Leana Wen contributed a post titled “6 tips for getting your doctor to listen to you.” I found it interesting that both posts were published shortly after I met with my new neurologist on Tuesday. Partially because … Continue reading


Originally posted on The Chirurgeon's Apprentice:
My mother and me at my graduation from Oxford University in 2009 I am sitting here in the surgical waiting room at Northwest Community Hospital, just outside of Chicago. Florescent lights hum overhead while visitors flip casually through month-old magazines. At one point, a group of tittering young…

my cancer

Just a Walnut Boat

And I thought things were going so well. I’m teaching and making it all the way through my lectures, and I’ve even endured a few faculty meetings. It’s been exciting to discover that I remember so much more than I was afraid I would and I love being around students again. Sure, I easily overtaxed … Continue reading