Cancer Stuff

My Cancer Resources:

Siteman Cancer Center, St. Louis MO  My new doctor is Michael Naughton and so far I really like him! I just wish I didn’t live three hours away because they have wonderful programs. The community here has been my lifeline! The site has great information for the newly diagnosed as well as a special discussion board for Stage IV and metastatic people.

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation They have a good discussion board and up to the minute information on research into triple negative breast cancer. They also help you find clinical trials through a huge database.

Young Survival Coalition This site is geared toward women under 40, but has great information and is one of the only places I’ve found that offers a Metastatic Navigator. It’s nice to not have to see a “Life After Cancer” section.

METAvivor  Resourses and discussion boards for people with metastatic breast cancer.

Cancer and Careers FANTASTIC site about working or looking for a job while in treatment. Gives legal and medical information and has quarterly phone seminars with experts. Also a good place to look for ADA information for cancer patients.

Breast Cancer Fund These people are working on exposing and eliminating the environmental causes of breast cancer.

Fuck Cancer / Embrace Life Susan Fielder makes the coolest “fuck cancer”  bracelets in copper and silver. Proceeds support InspireHealth, Canada’s first and foremost integrative cancer care centre. This site provides websites for cancer patients so they can keep friends and family updated on their treatment. They also offer a Helping Calendar and fundraising.

Think Before You Pink Fighting to stop companies from profiting from breast cancer.



One thought on “Cancer Stuff

  1. i dont know if im posting in the right area. if im not in the right arena then i ask for forgiveness.what a stressful week.i just lost my job because of our little buddies that invade our body at lease trying too.How many of us is ready for a little relief?i knoq i am

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