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Yea, i’m really going to promote your book. Right after I Pray for the Cure

I got this email today:

Della Bercovitch sent you a message on

As part of the services we offer through Book Marketing Services, we are always looking for popular blogs such as yours where we may book author-clients for their virtual book blog tours. Ideally, we’d love to create an ongoing, mutually-beneficial relationship whereby more than one of our clients might include you on their book tour and where we could, in return, help you market your other guest author interviews. One of our current clients for whom we are lining up a tour for is Patricia Dean-Escoto, Patricia has written The Top Ten Superfoods for Preventing Breast Cancer Includes a 7-Day Meal Plan With Over 40 Recipes. We are wondering if you might consider being a stop for Patricia’s tour, be it a guest post or an interview. We would ensure that all submissions be according to your guidelines. She’ll also include a book giveaway. Please let me know if you would be willing to include that as part of his guest post. We would, of course, provide you

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As a women living with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer Patricia Dean-Escoto’s book of “superfoods” resembles nothing more than any of the other myriad health frauds. When my cancer kills me, this bitch will still be running around pink giving phoney answers to desperate women with a fatal disease. Shame on you for helping a fraud profit from the disease that is killing me.

I have a page on to market myself (eventually) beyond an academic writer. Now it’s providing me with even more frauds, quacks, and charlatans to rail against as a convalece this summer! Maybe I can be a #fearlessfriend again instead of a wounded puppy cowering in the corner.


10 thoughts on “Yea, i’m really going to promote your book. Right after I Pray for the Cure

  1. I’ve been starting to get those on my blog, too. I have no problem if you want to promote a healthy lifestyle or a lifestyle that will help me recover from treatment, but don’t put it out there that eating berries will cure cancer. I’ve had so many people send me links to these kinds of books, thinking somehow they’re helping me. I just want to shout at them – and at the authors – if you had cancer, is this how you would cure it? Go ahead, let me see you do it and then maybe I’ll consider it. But if you ain’t been there and ain’t done that, shut up and go home.

    • I got a follow-up from the publisher:
      Hello Acacia,

      I appreciate your honest and prompt response. Patricia was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and then wrote her book. Perhaps I did not express myself correctly. My apologies.

      I wish you only the best,


      My response:
      Thank you for getting back to me. It seems that the problem lies with the author or whoever wrote the promotional material. There are no “superfoods” that prevent cancer, and she should know that. If she is advocating clean, healthy eating the a healthy lifestyle to be as strong as possible, that is perfectly wonderful advice. But to mislead readers into thinking that you can “prevent” cancer by eating certain foods is irresponsible and dishonest. If you talk to patients and survivors, you’ll find that people with the healthiest to the unhealthiest lifestyles and they all got cancer. If what she said was true, no one would even have breast cancer again. Ever.

      It is cruel to pretend to offer a cancer-preventing miracle to people who will probably die. This past Saturday was the 6 month anniversary of my oncologist finding 17 metastases in my brain and telling me I have 6 months to live. I am alive because of genuine research by dedicated scientists and physicians, not opportunistic survivors profiting from fear.

      I’m sure (I hope) her intentions are good, but walking down the “cancer” aisle of Barnes and Noble makes abundantly clear the craven company her book will be displayed with.

      Right now, breast cancer is killing me. It’s in my brain, my lung and my lymph nodes. I’ve had Whole Brain Radiation, surgery, and years of chemotherapy. I this makes me really sensitive to the bullshit surrounding breast cancer.

      I realize that this is business, but there are a large number of pissed off BC and MBC activists out there.

      Be well,

      Acacia Warwick

  2. Your reply is awesome… as is Susan’s shut up and go home… I LOVE reading that you are on the road to market yourself darlin’… LOVE it… my page gets nadda, I have been hoping to do the same, promo for my real work.

    ps… lol’ed your title.
    sending many hugs beautiful…

  3. dear acacia,

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! fraudulence, ignorance and cruelty ain’t gonna fly with this birdie – no way! i think of not just the breast cancer patient getting roped into these ridiculous schemes/books, but also of the mom, dads, kids, and spouses who are desperate to find something for their loved ones to make them better. i find that not only cruel, but terribly sad. and i am so glad your response was one that didn’t shilly-shally around – but made it very clear – we ain’t buyin’.

    much love, XOXO,

    karen, TC

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