my cancer


I started chemotherapy on Friday in West St. Louis. The drill was the same with labs before the infusion.

I’d been off of chemotherapy since last July, when the Gemzar my med onco kept insisting on giving me sent me to the hospital for blood transfusions and Lasix. It’s why I finally started seeing my new oncologist. But I’ve been dreading having to start chemotherapy again, and all I’ve wanted to do is sleep. It’s still all I want to do.

It’s only been one day since the infusion so I don’t feel the full effects yet.


7 thoughts on “Abraxane

  1. Thinking of you every day Acacia, glad to get an update… how did you do with your students? Did you wear your red lip stick? Sending love and hugs… and wishing for soft pillows.

  2. I love you and admire you for how you handle your on-going battle. I think of you every day and send love and good thoughts.

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