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Beautiful Cooper This is my dog Cooper. He’s a fluffy Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Yea, he’s cute, but why am I talking about him here?

After my last post, I got so many supportive comments from my Fearless Friends that made me feel so secure and safe that it reminded me of something Cooper does when he’s nervous or unsure. Playing the tough guy, he’ll bark at something while sitting or standing on my feet. This way, he knows I’ve got his back.

That’s how I feel today, like I’m facing the world sitting on the feet of these amazing friends who’ve totally got my back.

I love all of you!


One thought on “Security

  1. dear acacia,

    your cooper – oh, what a darling he is! i am so happy you have him and know he must give you so much joy and comfort. what a privilege to get to be his dog mommy, yes? please give him special pets from me. we ARE all in it together – even cooper and every other pet/guardian angels who we are blessed to have by our side – or atop our feet!

    i love you, too, and am so glad you’ve felt so uplifted from all the people who adore you.

    love, XOXO,

    karen, TC

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