Empty Head

There is something wrong. Yesterday I was sitting on the couch talking to Todd and the next thing I knew he was right in front of me saying that I had some kind of seizure. That he’d asked me a question over and over and I just sat there and did nothing. I don’t remember any of it. Todd worked as on orderly in a hospital taking care of  mentally disabled children and he saw all kinds of seizures. He said I just stared, like a doll.

I’m so confused. I don’t remember anything. I also had a kind of debilitating headache. I thought that it was from my sinuses and all the wind we were supposedly getting from Sandy, but there’s no wind today and I’m still getting the feeling of ice picks going through my skull. I feel foggy and unclear, so I won’t be teaching tomorrow.

I fear brain mets more than anything else. I hope I’m just being paranoid.


5 thoughts on “Empty Head

  1. Sending love your way — I can imagine how frightening this is, but try not to worry until you can see your doctor. (I know, easier said than done). Maybe it’s just a nasty sinus infection. xox

  2. Man, it just sucks that mets is the first thing we think of when our bodies go off the rails. I’ll give you the advice my good friend gives me when my imagination gets the best of me: don’t borrow trouble. In other words, try not to worry until you have all the facts from your doc. Meantime, love & good vibes coming your way.

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