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The Pink Goose is Going Black

Inspired by The Dirty Pink Underbelly The Pink Goose is going black for the month of October. Breast cancer isn’t about boobies, tatas or tits with pink happy nipples. It isn’t about lacy bras or pink fucking ribbons. It is about women and men poisoned with chemotherapy, mutilated by surgery, burned by radiation, and dying.

Autumn is a time of transition, of reaping what has been sewn, of preparing for the sleep of winter. Nothing in nature is pink right now and cancer never has been.

And you’ve gotta read this: I walked into my new favorite coffee shop today and this: Keep the Pink Where it Belongs


10 thoughts on “The Pink Goose is Going Black

    • Thank you! It wasn’t originally my idea, for that look to The Dirty Pink Underbelly. It would be cool if everyone with pink blogs went black for the month, then we can party on Sarcastic Boob’s new month PInkOVER in Nov.

  1. If I weren’t afraid of f–king up my blog, I’d do the same thing. I need an IT person – STAT. NANCY… Great idea…. ACACIA… great pick up on it…… This could be the start of something….. Going to see how I might join you. LOVE it!!!!

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