Penny for your thoughts!

Yes ladies, for every dollar you spend on Giuliana Rancic’s clothing line “G by Giuliana Rancic” on HSN, Bright Pink get ONE PENNY. Yep, one shiny not-made-of-copper-anymore penny.

I used to love pennies as a child. Even the name was cute: penny. I would collect them in big jars and when they were all full (which took about 6 month of collecting for a five year old), my mom would have me put them into standard rolls (there were soooo many and they were really heavy) and take me down to the bank to exchange them for paper money. Sometimes I got a whole $5! I stopped collecting them when I was six because, as we all know, collecting pennies is a pain in the ass and it never adds up to anything much

I wonder how the people at Bright Pink felt when they heard that Rancic had selected their organization at the beneficiary of her largess. Calculating the actual cost of manufacturing a single pair of jeans is an exceedingly complicated process, but in 2010 NPR’s Planet Money reported that the cost to manufacture, ship and import an average pair of jeans (ranging from $20-$40 retail) was about $8.00. More recent statistics put the cost of jeans retailing for $90.00 (which is Rancic’s “suggested price”) at around $15.00. Most wholesalers add a profit margin of between 40-85% and retailers mark up items sometimes as much as 300%. But for every pair of G by Giuliana Rancic skinny jeans with ankle zippers, Bright Pink gets 70¢.

In a US magazine interview on March 16 of this year Rancic said  “When I got my job at E!, I was the 39th person who auditioned. I wasn’t the prettiest, I wasn’t the smartest, I wasn’t the most talented. And I always wondered why I got the job,” Giuliana, 37, says. “Now I think God knew I wouldn’t be a selfish little cow with this platform, and I’d actually try to do something good with it.” (Here) If dolling out mere pennies to a charity while profiting from people purchasing her “designs” with the idea that they are helping young women isn’t being a selfish little cow, I don’t know what is.


One thought on “Penny for your thoughts!

  1. Got a great comment from BlondeAmbition: ” YOU MADE MY WEEK!!! You nailed this, Acacia. What an opportunistic, self-promoting biyatch she is!! She’d sell her baby’s dirty diapers if she thought she could make a buck. Meanwhile — G is besties with Lindsay Avener who founded Bright Pink. Interesting, no? (She was on their reality show) As a former buyer (my 1st job out of college) I ESPECIALLY loved your breakdown of the retail price. So disgaceful. We should crown a winner at the end of Oct, lol!!!”

    Thanks lovely!

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