Breast Cancer / Not washing

PINKTOBER® is coming…own it!

Oh wait…somebody already does; The Hard Rock Cafe!

 In a way, I think it’s kind of funny that someone came out and made the term official. And they actually follow through giving percentages of the proceeds for their products to the BCRF and The Caron Keating Foundation. They’re also hosting a concert series (this year with Bananarama’s 30th anniversary tour…how old am I?) with totally affordable ticket prices ($15.)

I know I sound a bit like a cheerleader, and I really don’t mean to be. They aren’t pinkwashing, but while their trademarking of “Pinktober” demonstrates how pervasive the term became, it has also been stripped of its critical nature. The whole point of the term was to ridicule the plethora of of pink ribbon shit that came from retailers everywhere. By taking it as their own, the Hard Rock Cafe has neutralized it and legally prevented anyone else wanting to use the term. I wonder who will trademark pinkwashing?

Language is so powerful and I find taking literal ownership of words problematic. Co-opting critical language is a common tactic for the mainstream, so while the Hard Rock Cafe isn’t pinkwashing, at the same time I feel that they’ve stolen something that used to be ours.


Thanks to the tough and beautiful AnneMarie for pointing me toward the Hard Rock Cafe.


10 thoughts on “PINKTOBER® is coming…own it!

  1. I’m loving that you wrote about this! I can’t claim credit for digging up that info… the Dick Tracy for this was Elisabeth Dale tweeting @TheBreastLife who is also behind the #OccupyTheCure FB page….. As for pinkwashing, I know that term was coined by Breast Cancer Action in conjunction with their Think Before You Pink campaign which you seem to be doing QUITE WELL!!!

    LOVE to you,

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