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Not washing, just Pink










When I was growing up, my friends would be rewarded for getting As, but not me. My parents refused to reward me for doing what I was supposed to do in the first place. But boy howdy did I hear it when I did something wrong, like getting a B on my report card.

When I started teaching I was part of a seminar that gave us tips and techniques for grading papers. The first item we discussed was how to give positive feedback (the “complement sandwich” as it were.) Why? Because it is so much more natural to point out errors than to praise a student for doing a good job.

With that in mind I bring you Sephora’s Breast Cancer Awareness Palette. Two dollars from each sale will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With no limit. Their choice of charity is no surprise, since the Esteé Lauder company pretty much owns every high-end make up brand. I’m not a fan of “all in one” palettes, but it was nice to see something pink with no caveat or small print.


Unlike this

I have no freaking idea how to think about this.


3 thoughts on “Not washing, just Pink

  1. That means this pink bulb will last approximately 1,000 years! It can be handed down from generation to generation and light up October nights for generations to come. Not like anyone’s going to give up their turf for a cure or anything . . .

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