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It’s not you, it’s me…’s you

Another brilliant piece by BlondeAmbition:

Dear Komen,

I’m sorry that it’s come to this. It’s not you, it’s me. I’m not superficial, but I simply can’t be
with someone with such massive overhead and bloated expenses when I work out religiously
and live within my means. You’ve elevated pinkwashing to an art form, shamelessly exploiting
your pink ribbon with multiple partners — some of whom had less than honorable intentions
and shady connections to the cause (e.g. BPA, GMOs, pharma, obesity, alcohol). I need to be
with someone with more integrity and self-respect. I might have been able to get past such
transgressions, but I find it disingenuous that you give <15% of money you raise to research
a disease you claim you are trying to cure. (I know … that pesky “Arithmetic” again!) Notice I
haven’t even brought up your politics, but to be honest, you successfully alienated people on
both sides of the fence, so I call that a wash. I’m not abandoning the cause, I’m abandoning you.

Regretfully yours, “Blonde Ambition”

I live in Susan G. Komen’s hometown. There are streets named after her and her grave is a national landmark. What SGK has accomplished for breast cancer in the past was amazing. Having breast cancer is no longer something to be ashamed of. There was a time that a woman would go into surgery for a biopsy and wake up to having their chest walls scraped out through radical mastectomies. Reconstruction of the breasts is no longer considered elective surgery based on vanity and not covered by insurance. Chemotherapy and hormonal therapies were developed that in some cases virtually eradicated early breast cancer and in others extended the lives of those whose disease is terminal. Nancy Brinker went a long way to fulfill her promise to her sister.

But where is the cure that was ostensibly the goal? Why is their so much excitement about making cancer a chronic disease instead of eradicating it? My former oncologist once introduced me to an intern that she wanted to lure into oncology because the field is set to rise exponentially in the next ten years. Think about that. She was excited to see more doctors specializing in oncology because as cancer becomes a chronic condition, patients will be in treatment longer and everybody wins! The doctors win by have crowded practices. The pharmaceutical companies win by producing the drugs that will keep people alive without curing them. Hospitals, medical equipment providers all profit from cancer. I begged the intern to go into research and cure cancer. Make oncology as outdated as phrenology so no one has to go through this anymore.

BlondeAmbition, it’s them, not you.



2 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me…’s you

  1. Blonde Ambition,
    Love your break up letter…

    And Acacia, I am troubled any time I hear the words “chronic condition” …. Cure it, stop it, end it. I’m all in on this one. ALL IN…. Now that the WWE will be adorning the wresting world in pink thanks to a partnership with SGK, it’s really time to put the pressure on….. And the pressure needs to be applied to SGK.


  2. I’m very honored to have made your blog, Acacia! Thanks for including my “break-up” letter — your post rocked, per usual! The story you tell of that intern is truly disturbing. Can you imagine the progress that might be achieved if all the individual BC and/or cancer organizations collaborated with one another?? xxo

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