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Lucy Update

The brilliant BlondeAmbition has made a real impact on the Lucy Activewear situation! She contacted Lucy’s parent corporation, VF Corp, and spoke to their Head of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations (whose wife is a survivor) and they were aghast!  She also left a voicemail at her local store over the weekend and they pulled the BCA line off the floor!

BlondeAmbition, you are amazing!


7 thoughts on “Lucy Update

    • Awww, shucks! But remember, it was Bluelilac who alerted me and Blondeambition who kicked the corporate door open. I’m proud to be the messenger.

  1. You are too kind, Acacia! I was simply livid when the Lucy situation made my radar and I knew I had to do something. (Many thanks to Chemobrainfog for introducing us to your fabulous blog — it’s great that you have this platform to hold these companies accountable!) To their credit, a Lucy store in CT pulled the BCA merchandise from their shelves after receiving my message over the weekend. They were extremely apologetic and had no idea that the merchandise had no affiliation with any BC organization. The exec I spoke with at VF Corp was equally responsive (not to mention, appalled) when I informed him of what was going on. I am optimistic that they will make the situation right because it is certainly not what the brand stands for or something they would condone. We can’t change the world, but maybe we can educate one company at a time …

  2. Well done Blondeambition and here is the latest on the Facebook page:

    To all of our followers, sorry to keep you waiting. We wanted to make sure we were thorough getting to the bottom of the Breast Cancer Awareness issue.

    We’re happy to note that this October, lucy is making a donation in support of The National Breast Cancer Foundation and we’ll also be sponsoring teams from our stores participating in local events and races.

    If you have any questions regarding this issue, please send us a message on facebook or contact We are truly sorry for all of the confusion and truly support YOU!


    Progress…. and lacking transparency of how much $, be it % of sales and if a cap is in place and what it is.

  3. I went to their Facebook page and wrote the following under their announcement: “Thank you. But how much are you giving NBCF? Maybe a percentage of EVERY piece of BCA clothing you sell with no cap? And a percentage of the sales at each store to local events and races? You are going to get a lot of positive publicity and sales now that you are actually helping people with breast cancer, and it will come from survivors and patients if you make your support go all the way. Don’t stop now!”

    Yay Lilacblue & Blondeambition! One down…..a lot more to go.

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